The OAACQI provides support for collecting, maintaining, analyzing, and reporting data to internal and external stakeholders in order to support planning, policy formation, decision making, and effectiveness and efficiency of operations.

The office oversees the intersecting and cross-functional areas of student assessment and course & clerkship program evaluations. Using assessment best practices the office collaborates with faculty, administration, and students to enhance the medical education program. 

The Office facilitates the understanding of student assessment and program evaluation through statistical analysis of quantitative and qualitative data collected from various sources (e.g. course evaluations, focus groups, and surveys). Data results are interpreted and reported to stakeholders with the goal of improving the quality of the MD program.

Additionally, OAACQI provides consultation in research design, statistical analysis, and interpretation, intended for Med-Ed scholarly publications, as projects related to assessment and evaluation initiatives at WSUSOM.


Assessment Cycle

The process of assessment within OAACQI is one that is continuously evolving to promote an assessment culture of evidence.